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Care & Use

Outdoor Use

The Round Top Collection offers an array of products to decorate your entire home, both indoors and out. However, it's important to understand which designs have been approved for outdoor use. You can determine if a design is approved to display outdoors in the details section of the product page. 

Weather Protection

Preserving your products will ensure the longevity of the design and protect the finish. We recommend spraying outdoor approved products with clear matte polyeurethane or acrylic each year before exposing them to sun and weather. Spray cans versions of these products can be purchased from your local home improvement or craft store. Several brands now offer UV-protectant options, which you may also consider.


Since seasonal designs spend much of the year in storage, it's important to store them properly to ensure they maintain their quality year after year. The best way to avoid damage is to wrap each piece in padded or quilted cloth material and keep in a climate controlled space. These steps prevent abrasions and peeling of the finish caused by friction or extreme heat.