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Celebrate Every Day

Customize your favorite home accents and decorative elements for every occasion with unique seasonal finials. Start with Celebrate Every Day bases, such as jars, caddies, and tiered servers, which are shipped to you with a simple metal ring on top. Then begin your collection of Celebrate Every Day finial toppers. To attach the finials unscrew the standard metal ring, and replace with a new finial design for each season.


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Choose base designs for hosting and decorating
Replace the standard ring with any finial
Celebrate the season with coordinating designs



Mini Gallery

Start your own curated gallery of incredible prints and handpainted seasonal charms to display throughout your home. Our Mini Gallery collection offers several display elements, such as easels, display poles, home signs, and display boards to show off your selection of art.





Exclusive designs by a variety of licensed professional artists
Hand-painted metal designs capture elements of each season
Decorative solutions for displaying your collection of prints and charms



Display Poles

Staked designs aren't just for the garden. With our selection of display poles and stands, you can display those products anywhere. Sizes are based on the guage of the stake, so selecting the correct display pole will depend on which design you want to use. 


Small Display Poles

Large Display Poles

Bases & Stands

Bring small staked designs indoors by attaching wooden display poles
No garden required when you use wooden display poles to show off large staked designs
Transform any designs into table top accents by replacing any stake with a base or stand



Pickup Trucks

For years, buyers and collectors have been drawn to nostalgic designs when it comes to seasonal decorating. Our pickup trucks provide a nod to relaxed farmhouse living with a variety of accessories to change out from season to season.


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Choose your favorite classic truck design to show off your nostalgic style
Collect a variety of accessories to fill the bed of your truck
Celebrate the season by styling your truck for every occasion 



Dress-Up Pets

With a selection of seasonal costumes, you can dress your petss for every occasion. These no-maintenance pets are the perfect addition to your seasonal decor.


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

 Pick your pet
 Build your collection of costumes
 Dress your pet in new attire each season