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Product Functions



Take your seasonal decorating into the garden with a wide range of colorful staked design. Spruce up your yard and planters with designs both big and small.



Segmented Stake

Who doesn't love options? Segmented stakes allow you to adjust the height of your display with a two-part stake that easily screws together and attaches to the base of the design. This style is especially beneficial when grouping products in a planter.



Single Stake

For heavier designs we offer a thick single stake to give the product the support it needs. These designs often come with additional ways to display, so you can easily attach the stake by screwing it into the base if desired. These stakes are often shorter in length, since the product will most likely be displayed closer to the ground or surface.



Permanent Stake

Smaller picks are usually designed with a permanent stake. Crafters and florists love this type of product because they're ideal for arrangments and wreaths. The length of the stake is not adjustable, but can be trimmed for various projects using standard bolt cutters.



Sleeved Stake

Large yard displays often require a sturdy and secure solution to fight the wind and weather. For these products we use a sleeved stake, that allows you to place your stake in the ground with a mallet or hammer, and simply place the product onto the stake with the sleeve.




Prepare your home for every occasion with indoor and outdoor products that hang. Products with this function range in design, but all feature hanging elements to make decorating easy.



Metal Loop

Designs will multiple functions often include a metal loop. These designs are typically made of metal, and may offer a detachable stake or easel, in addition to the metal loop.



Sawtooth Hanger

You're probably familiar with a sawtooth hanger; it's the standard metal attachment with jagged teeth normally found on the back or indoor signs, picture frames, and art. This is used on our larger prints and signs to allow for hanging.




The visible metal ring, which we refer to as a grommet, is commonly found on mini gallery designs. This hanging feature allows you to easily change your artwork and charms between seasons, using a variety of hangers.




We realize many people may not have a garden or yard to decorate, so we've added metal easels to many of our designs. This function allows you to display your seasonal decor on a porch or even indoors.



Metal Easel

Depending on the size of the product, metal easels maybe look different, but their purpose and function is the same. On easel designs you will find a flexible piece of metal welded to the back of the product which will prop the design upright. You can adjust the angle of the design by slightly bending the easel on the back.


Stand Alone Designs

In some instances a product is created to stand on its own. These designs come in many different shapes and sizes, and are created to display on flat surfaces. Products with this function are typically easy to identify.